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As a trainer, my primary goal is to help people to not only achieve their physical goals, but create a better mental and emotional state that will impact their everyday lives. I am currently 23 years old, I graduated from Fulton High School in 2015, which is where my love for fitness and impacting the lives of others began, and later graduated with my Bachelor's Degree in Business Management from Western Illinois University. As an athlete, it was crucial that I created a body able to compete with other players. Following high school, I landed my first job as a trainer at Anytime Fitness in Clinton, Iowa where I picked up a majority of my knowledge of exercise and nutrition and became certified. While I was an employee at Anytime Fitness, a fellow trainer and I started a boot camp ministry at Clinton Church of Christ. We would create a killer workout, and follow up with a motivational message. This was truly the start to KT3. When the opportunity arose to rent a building and start our own business, we took it up. Although my partner is now in the Navy, KT3 continues to thrive and lives continue to be changed each and every day while giving all of the glory to God.


I am a Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach. I pursued my education through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) to further expand my knowledge of food and nutrition.  I wanted to understand not only what food does to our entire body but also how the environment around us impacts our bodies as well.  I wasn’t expecting everything this program actually gave me. It isn't just about nutrition. It is about our whole body, mind, and spirit.  This literally changed my life at a time that I needed it and didn’t even realize. I became passionate about health, complete health. IIN provided me a well-rounded education program that covered over 100 dietary theories, however, the most important lesson I learned is that a one-size fit all approach really doesn’t work when it comes to health and wellness and physical fitness. What works for one person could potentially be harmful to another. As a health coach and personal trainer, my focus is on guiding each client in making the best decisions to lead them to a path of health and wellness.

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