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Instructors Corey and Nicole Wurster are so excited to bring their studio into the Fulton community! As 4th and 3rd degree black belts, they have a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer families as either a stand-alone service or as a supplement to their current gym membership.

If you currently have an UNLIMITED membership with KT3, you may participate in Tae Kwon Do at NO additional cost. Enjoy the perks of your unlimited membership!
If you wish to participate in TKD as a stand-alone service, individual and family pricing are as follows:
$30/month — single member
$55/month — 2-member family
$75/month — 3-member family
$100/month — 4+ member family

Monday evening — 5:30 PM
Thursday evening — 5:30 PM 
Saturday morning — 9:00 AM

Parents, this is an AWESOME way to get your kids involved in activities that develop discipline and build friendships! If you’re looking for something to do while your child is in class, KT3 will give you a $10 discount on a monthly gym membership so you can work out while you wait! Tae Kwon Do is an amazing way to develop discipline and become proficient in a new skill — being a great cardio workout is a bonus! Members can simply drop in anytime at Elite, or attend weekly and work towards promoting your rank!