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Madison Sturtz
Port Byron Manager | Trainer

My Story

Being healthy is a lifestyle that includes the whole person's mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. Hello, my name is Madison Sturtz and I am a manager of our Port Byron location! My passion for overall health launched when I was just four years old starting gymnastics. It has continually grown into a lifestyle after eleven years! KT3 was established on helping the whole person and as a team, we LOVE people and LOVE developing relationships. The facility gradually grows as there have been multiple pieces of equipment added to both locations simply accommodating the needs of the community. Events (fundraisers) outreaches and competitions are placed yearly for the community to be involved and make a difference. KT3 has become a place where people from all walks of life are welcomed and loved. We hope to change the world by loving and serving people! 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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